About Scott

Here are a few things you should know about Scott:

He was a professional teacher for almost four years, including a stint teaching music at a Young Offenders Institute. 

After leaving teaching, he left the UK and moved back and forth to California and started drawing. 

He's been commissioned, featured and reposted (not necessarily in that order) by: Tom Segura, Christina P, YMH Podcast, Khalyla Kuhn, Tiger Belly Podcast, Ari Shaffir, Sam Tripoli and Lifeform among others. 

His close friends include bikers, artists, stand-up comedians, MMA fighters, photographers, sports-fans, nurses, counsellors, other musicians and even the guy who does the voice of KITT in Knight Rider. 

He listens to podcasts, lo-fi hip hop or watches re-runs whilst he draws at the table in his study with several cups of coffee, and the kettle is never cold.